We are looking for Sponsorship

Skydiving isn’t cheap, especially when it’s a dedicated team looking to medal at the World Championships next year. With that in mind, we’ve got a new Promo video above and a Pledge Sports appeal page below. Help us achieve our goal of a silver medal in Australia.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 15.36.08

If you have something different in mind, you can also drop us an email info@nftoskydiving.co.uk. Thanks in advance for all your kind support.

“Not For The Ordinary” NFTO

We are the current British Female Formation Skydive team. A train-hard, fly-hard team of four women and their camera-man. The team are the current British National Champions (in both the Open and Female Category), and won Bronze at the 2016 Skydiving Word Championships and 2016 Indoor World Cup.

We are primarily self-funded, and currently training intensively, with next main aim of silver or higher at the 2018 World Championships.

The team has an intensive training schedule, including wind tunnel training at Windoor Empuriabrava and Bodyflight Bedford, and training skydives at various locations in the UK and Europe.

Vlog #2

Do you have to be fit for skydiving? We think so and we all train hard outside of the dropzone to be strong, agile and have the stamina needed for peak performance. Check it out.

VLog #1

We have decided to get into the whole business of vlogging so that we can share our training story. It’s all about how we learn together, have some amazing adventures, train physically and train mentally – all with the goal of target of getting that podium place next year in Austrailia at the World Championships…

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