Thanks to our very generous sponsors, without whom our ambitious training plan would not be possible without:

larsen and brusgaard
Kiss helmet
British Skydiving
Skydive Hibaldstow
Skydiving in Portugal
Vigil AAD
Indoor skydiving in the UK
Skydiving camera mounts


We are however primarily a self-funded team and the sport is not a cheap one, and we are looking for further sponsors to support us in our goal:

A sponsorship collaboration between our team could provide you with really novel and exciting advertising opportunities, as well as a variety of corporate benefits. Our team videographer, Simon is one of the best in the sport and can supply stunning aerial footage and photography. In return for financial support, the team would be happy to offer a wide variety of benefits: from corporate team building indoor (wind tunnel) or outdoor skydiving days, or parachute displays for major events. We would be delighted to work I with your promotional department to ensure that we provide material that is aligned with your future PR and marketing strategies and even could extend as far as renaming the team. Last but not least, it would be an opportunity to support a valiant British team.

Unlike the UK’s traditional rivals in the USA and France, the British Parachute Association is unable to provide comprehensive funding for teams. Individual members of the team have each committed to a £10,000 personal contribution per annum. But for us to compete on a level playing field with our French and US rivals, we would need further financial resources in the region of £40,000+ for training, per annum. If you are interested in collaborating with the team please do get in touch: info@nftoskydiving.com.


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