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Thanks to our very generous sponsors, without whom our ambitious training plan would not be possible;




Potential Sponsors

Formation skydiving is an exciting and visually interesting sport and we could help your company achieve great publicity. Isis team members have already featured on innovative TV adverts such as Live Honda Skydiving Ad and Seven Seas Multibionta – ITV Weather, as well as taking part in a PR stunt for well known company JML, gaining national coverage for the company and product. We are constantly seeking more opportunities to get media exposure. Our most recent media involvement was filming with the BBC for James May’s Toy Stories programme.

James May

Isis squad & James May

The team are four very marketable women (plus Nigel our cameraman), and are already achieving a lot of media interest.

article-2165983-13D3DAD7000005DC-832_634x478Laura ‘test’ jumping the Belvia Bra from JML which gained national media coverage for the company including reviews by newspapers and MSN news

For this year’s goal of being the top female team at the British National Championships each team member is contributing in the region of £10000 which will allow us to achieve 200 of our 300 planned training jumps.

Skydiving is an expensive sport and unlike the UK’s traditional rivals (the USA and French) the British Parachute Association does not provide adequate funding for teams. Individual members of the team have each committed to a £10,000 personal contribution per annum.  But for us to compete on a level playing field with the US and France we would need further financial resources in the region of £30,000+ for training.

What we can offer you

In return for financial support the team can offer a wide variety of benefits to your company. In addition to providing novel and exciting advertising opportunities, we can arrange indoor or outdoor corporate team building skydiving days, arrange and participate in parachute displays for corporate events, and provide stunning aerial photographs and video footage for your use. It would be of great interest to the team to work directly with your PR and Marketing department to ensure that we provide material that would be aligned with your future marketing strategies.

Your logo can be printed on jumpsuits and any other team attire.  Windblades are excellent for advertising at parachuting events.

Your logo can be printed on jumpsuits and any other team attire. Windblades are excellent for advertising at parachuting events.

We would be delighted to look at any level of sponsorship, as all levels of financial support would assist us to achieve our ultimate goal in the World Championships.

Low Level Opportunity – Wear logos/use branded displays, arrange photo shoots, run corporate events/team building days and support the company’s marketing strategy.

High Level Opportunity – All of the above plus arranging and participating in parachute displays for your brand and team name change i.e. Your Company Isis.  Also spend more time working into the company’s marketing strategy and help strengthen the brand image using the unique and dynamic interaction of skydiving.

IMG_0214.JPGAnna making a science educational video at Skydive Netheravon

We hope a meeting to discuss the possibility of working together would be of great interest, and we look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us at isis4way@live.co.uk or annajlea@hotmail.com if you think you or your company might be interested in a sponsorship collaboration.