Training plan

Our training plan is continuing straight through from the World Meet in September 2018. The goal for 2018 was Silver at the World Parachuting Championships and Gold at the World Cup of Indoor Skydiving, which we achieved. The next main aims are Gold at the 2019 World Championships of Indoor Skydiving, and Gold at the  2020 World Parachuting Championships.

The current 2019 team plan consists of at least 300 training jumps and 20 hours of tunnel. Coaching will be provided from World Champions Gary Smith and Roy Janssen. We have the time to train more, and to  ensure we have a strong battle with our overseas rivals, we need to double our training budget to achieve at least 600 training jumps and 40 hours of tunnel.  We are currently looking for sponsors to help us achieve this aim.


Building a block 16 out of the over Skydive Algarve.


Tunnel training at Windoor.

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